Workforce Development Programs Use GAIN


Workforce education programs are embracing GAIN for its ease of use, affordability, time savings and motivational reporting. This NRS-approved basic skills test for all levels of youth and adult learners provides benefits for all workforce development programs including:

  • 90 minute math level test and English level test for clients seeking to improve their employment situation and/or obtain their GED
  • Pretest, progress test and post-test to demonstrate literacy and numeracy gains
  • Graphical diagnostic reports enable students to see their progress and teachers to immediately begin targeted instruction
  • Available in both online and paper-and-pencil formats
  • Online reporting platform delivers detailed score reports and individualized learning prescriptions moments after test completion
  • Longitudinal student tracking is simple through the online reporting system
  • Assessment data seamlessly uploads to state databases
  • Approved by the U.S. Department of Labor for use with all youth and displaced workers in WIA Title I and Title II programs