Higher Learning Institutions Use GAIN


Post secondary schools looking for an accurate, fast, and easy-to-administer English and math placement test are turning to GAIN. This English and math placement test helps schools reduce dropouts and improve completion rates by assuring students are getting the right level of education they need. GAIN provides benefits for all schools including:

  • 90 minute assessment of English and math skills for students needing developmental education, remedial tutoring or GED prep classes
  • Pretesting and post-testing demonstrate educational gains in skills-deficient students
  • Diagnostics from progress tests enables teachers to fine-tune educational programs so students move through Developmental Education levels at a faster pace
  • Graphical reports enable students to see their progress
  • Available in both online and paper-and-pencil formats
  • Online reporting platform delivers detailed score reports and individualized learning prescriptions moments after test completion
  • Longitudinal student tracking is simple through the online reporting system