GAIN: The Test


What Sets GAIN Apart?

GAIN is comprised of a 45 minute literacy skills test and a 45 minute math skills test that can be administered separately or together. The math and English language proficiency tests, suitable for both youth and adult learners, were developed specifically to measure National Reporting System (NRS) Educational Functioning Levels (EFLs).

Shorter testing time – 90 total minutes – is less stressful for students. Programs are able to increase the number of students tested, reducing backlog, and teachers are able to spend more time teaching.

The math and literacy skills tests measure all EFLs with just one form; no locator is required. This simple administration method eliminates the possibility of using the wrong level of test and getting “out of range” results. This saves time and money by decreasing the number of times a student must be tested.

Test administration is flexible; we offer both paper-and-pencil and online versions that can be used for pre, progress and post testing.

Certification and training for all test administrators are available at no charge.