GAIN: The Technology


What Sets GAIN Apart?

Wonderlic Online allows teachers to administer the GAIN literacy and numeracy test online, view and print reports, and manage student data, all in one convenient location without any software to install or update.

This secure platform can be used by anyone in your program with Internet access*, making it easy for teachers and administrators to launch the online literacy and numeracy test, prescribe instruction, track student progress, and document learning gains. This streamlined system eliminates unnecessary retesting when learners move between programs and/or sites.

With a few mouse clicks, you can sort and filter student data based on various criteria, move learners between programs/sites, add and edit student information, launch tests, print reports and more. You can also export all student data to a CSV-formatted spreadsheet for use with your database software. Click here to view a quick demonstration.

Wonderlic Online can also be configured to seamlessly transfer student demographic data, GAIN scores and learning gains to state databases for required NRS reporting.

*Access requires user name and password