New Approach 2 Workforce Literacy

“… I’ve seen a cost savings of at least 30% by using the GAIN test.”


New Approach 2 Workforce Literacy is a Houston-area youth and adult training program begun by Inez Ihezue. The program provides job training and employee productivity assessments and core values focus on respect, integrity, honesty, and business ethics.

Tests Assist in Job-Readiness Training and Employee Productivity

“A New Way to Train.” Not merely a slogan, this philosophy is the driving force behind New Approach 2 Workforce Literacy, a Houston-area youth and adult training program owned by Inez Ihezue.

This hard-working wife and mother of three started her career with the dream of becoming an attorney. While attending college, she noticed a pattern of poor education among at-risk youth, which led her to begin a program that would provide proper educational training.

“So many young people are left on the sidelines due to gaps in their education,” says Ihezue. “This leads into adults having the same issues—they can’t read, can’t fill out applications, can’t find jobs. I knew I could help.”

After returning to school for a Master’s degree in Sociology, Ihezue re-directed her efforts toward aiding at-risk youth. Her job as a Certified Juvenile Probation Officer and Workforce Development Coordinator with the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department, where she is employed full time, motivated her to begin the program.

New Approach 2 Workforce Literacy works with local schools to provide job-readiness training, and with corporations to help improve employee productivity. Ihezue uses the Wonderlic General Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN)® test to gauge English and math skills.

“GAIN is a great motivator,” states Ihezue. “Obtaining a GED can be daunting. With GAIN, my students can visualize where they are and where they need to be. They can set goals.”

Ihezue develops a custom curriculum for each person based on test results, and then provides on-site or classroom training. After completing training, students are retested. The second report provides a before-and-after comparison, showing skills improvements. “It’s very satisfying for my students to see proof of their hard work paying off.”

Ihezue is also enthusiastic about the time and cost savings GAIN has brought to her program. “It’s fast and very efficient. I would estimate I’ve seen a cost savings of at least 30% by switching to the GAIN test.”

Cost savings are funneled into growing her program. Ihezue is hoping to move into her own building in order to set up a dedicated testing site and classrooms, increasing her capacity to help people grow skills and improve employability.